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Boomstam met schors

If you use this platform you will 1/reduce the pressure on common wood species 2/bring down wood export statistics and 3/generate a revaluation for our home-grown solid wood.


Well what a coincidence.
Your why is ours.

Boomstam met schors

solidly connected.

Een voorbeeld van hoe het zoekscherm van de Timbr app er kan uitzien.

A relationship
as strong as an Oak: on Timbr® you can find your perfect match.

Textuur van massief hout

Timbr® is a (web)app developed for wood processing companies and governments like forest operators, arborists, garden contractors... whom can digitally trade their flow of solid wood to joiners, designers, artists...


A matchmaking platform that will change the way we buy our resources. Giving you, the arborist in town, a possibility to easily upload your gold and reach out to people in need of it.

What we're all about

Timbr® is providing you, the ones who got wood and the ones who need it, an efficient way of selling and buying solid wood from the hood.

Easy and extensive search

Having a project where you need a specific piece of the log? Or in need of some local Ash to create that beautiful table you've always dreamed of? On Timbr® searching for wood is as easy as falling of a log. Our search engine gives you the opportunity to describe your needs very specific. Only this way Timbr® can hit upon the most perfect match. 

Access to wood,
all day, everyday

An online platform like Timbr® has the major advantage to avoid unnecessary trips to your local sawmill. It also gives the owner of the sawmill some telephone-time-off. Having the acces to a list of wood from that sawmill or from a local arborist eases the mind and gives you more time to spend on creating that long-desired table.

Reliable, handy services

We know that log logistics ain't a walk in the park. That is why you can add our Timbr® transport service to your order. On regular basis our Timbr® Truck picks up your wood, does a pitstop at the local sawmill if you need it to be cut into boards, and delivers the wood right next to your doorstep.

Voorbeeld van hoe een zoekscherm voor het aankopen van lokaal hout op de Timbr app er kan uitzien.
Textuur van lokaal hout

We need you.

Building a (web)app takes time and money.

We have plenty of time, money we don't. The app is not live yet partly due to a high seed capital. Necessity is the mother of invention so let's join forces.

If you have any ideas, a good network or anything that can help us build this market missing app, Rayah and Shana from Timbr® will welcome you with a home made piece of pie.


Who's #teamtimbr?

Het voltallige team van Timbr.

Timbr® was developed by Rayah (the left one) during the 2 years project Wooddesign, financed by Bos+, Vlaanderen Circulair, HoutinfoBois and Flanders DC, as a derived project from her own business. For almost 10 years she creates genuine wooden objects under the name of NAUWAU made from wood her husband Niels (the arborist with the beard) brings home. 


After the Wooddesign project, things just got started. Rayah's sister Shana (the curly fierce one) and her brother Robin (the IT-specialist in the middle) instantly loved the idea and decided to join the team. Robin brought his IT-co-partner Stijn (IT-specialist on the right) and Niels grabbed his arborist-co-partners Thomas (the arborist with the beard and hair) and Michaël (the arborist with the hair and no beard) by the arm.

In summary we are a very diverse complementary pack of wolves. Eager to sink our teeth into our goals, thought out to take things seriously, wise and mature to develop everything step by step. You know what they say about Rome, right?

Our virtual thumbs ups

F. D.R. - BE

"Ik ben een houtdraaier uit Westerlo en ik vind dit een tof initiatief. Benieuwd naar meer! :-)"

Let's already get
solidly connected.

Heard it through the grape vine?

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Are you on the supply or demand side?

Thank you and see you soon.

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